How to fix [youtube-dl] ERROR: [yZnX4sRYLLU]: YouTube said: This video is unavailable

Youtube-dl no longer downloads the video

user@academix2.4:~$ youtube-dl URl

# We get the error (aproximative)

ERROR: yZnX4sRYLLU: YouTube said: This video is unavailable.

A Google search for YT clarified me, YT has released a new version 2020.01.24 while Debian repository is at 2019.01.17.

In a previous article <> I presented about problems with downloading videos from You Tube from the terminal with the youtube-dl command. Remember that when you make updates, youtube-dl stays in place because of Debian policy.


└──╼ #youtube-dl -U

youtube-dl: error: youtube-dl’s self-update mechanism is disabled on Debian.

Note that distribution packages are often outdated. Typically, youtube-dl launches a new version at least once a month, and often weekly or even daily. Just to find out the current version go to <> .


Don’t forget to first uninstall the version you have then, for more information read

<>and follow the steps shown there.

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