Virtual Microscope is an application in which users can view, analyze, and record comments on captured images using different microscope models.
The aim of this application is to give as many users as possible the possibility to study saved images in the same way as studying a sample using the actual microscope.

The application was developed as part of the “VirtualMicroscopeProjects” to be used by researchers and students around the world.

Distribution and use terms:
The original application development discontinued in 2014, but the source code was replicated and development goes on as an open source project: VirtualMicroscopeProjects
The application and the source code are distributed under MIT license, in addition two clauses required by the initial license.

The application-downloadable data set is under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License is created and made available by the Imaging Technology Group using the following microscopes: “Philips Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) ) “ and “Fluorescence Light Microscope “.
To use these images must to mention the source of the information according to the instructions at:

AcademiX GNU/Linux:
The Virtual Microscope can be one-click installed in EDU or using the command:

apt install virtual-microscope

Other Linux distros:
The Virtual Microscope latest version can be downloaded for free from GitLab.
Run command:

java-jar Virtuallab.jar

Originally the application was developed for Windows and Mac, but the current version is not tested for these operating systems.

Reporting issues:
Having any issues using this application, please email to:

Wiki page:

Video tutorial:

Thanks to contributors:
The application translation and logo available thanks to Academix team efforts.