Edu is a software manager that allows you to quickly install educational programs.
Based on Linux Mint project developers
new must-have educational categories were added such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Teacher, Electronics, Geography, Genetics, Foreign Languages, Programming, Architecture, Robotics, Statistics, Virtual Laboratories.
In AcademiX/Debian repository there is at this time 130+ educational applications either for primary and high school or faculty. Most applications are open source or free so students and teachers can perform interactive lessons in the learning process at no additional cost.
The project can be found here:
Other resources for Edu development:
mint-common  used for academix-common development;

mint-translations used for academix-translations development.

Current translations for Categories/Graphical Interface are limited to Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish and German.

License: GNU v2.0/v3.0

Version: 0.65