AcademiX GNU/ Linux is a Debian_based distribution *especially* for teaching. The distribution built on the Debian (stretch/buster) *comes with a free licence bundled programs* for education, starting with primary classes and ending with university education, as well as various freelance utility programs.
The distribution *has* an installation module that can be used to install a variety of applications specific to math, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, statistics, electronics, radio amateurs, graphics, office, music, audio and video editing, programming, graphics and are accompanied by interactive virtual labs, as well as a virtual microscope developed with NASA. Robotics Laboratories successfully complete the list of educational programs. A special section addressed to teachers allows them to create various publications for both student use and online publishing. The installation module allows over 150 educational programs to be installed very easily with just one click.
Some of the programs are Debian-specific, others are created and used by various *famous universities* in the US and Europe. The Mate-based graphical interface offers a compromise between low resource consumption and a modern and intuitive interface so that distribution can run smoothly on older computers in education.
Most of the education programs present in this distribution are licensed under the GNU GPL or BSD, so costs are reduced only to maintenance. The distribution can be used as a Live DVD, it can be installed as a standalone operating system on the hard disk, and in an aule (experimental).


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