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Description:  Ardora is a software program for teachers to create web-based learning content without any previous technical knowledge of web design and programming.
Ardora 8 allows them to create their own web content in a very simple way, only focusing their efforts on the elements to be included, not in the computer process.
Ardora 8 is cross-platform, device regardless, creates content under the latest web technology: html5, css3, javascript and php, in a browser that supports recent standards such as firefox, chrome or opera.
Ardora 8 allows over 35 different types of interactive activities, as well as more than 10 different types of multimedia pages and the “pages within a server” activities designed primarily for collaborative work among students.

Author: Jose Manuel Bouzan Matanza
Site: http://webardora.net
Email: consultas@webardora.net
Architecture: 32/64 bit
License: GPL
Language: Romanian


Description: OpenTeacher is an open-source cross-platform Q&A-type program to help teachers give their students the right education improving the student’s results and saves the teacher time.
OpenTeacher can help the students to learn a variety of subjects by themselves, vocabularies from a foreign language, while teachers still provide the information.

Site: http://openteacher.org
Architecture: 32/64 bit
License: GPL
Language: English

Timetable Generator

Description: Timetable Generator known as FET is a free open-source software for automatically scheduling the timetable in educational institutions using a fast and efficient timetabling algorithm, running on any system that supports Qt.
FET is able to solve a complicated timetable in maximum 5-20 minutes but may vary, under 5 minutes (in some cases, a matter of seconds for simpler timetables) to a longer time, a matter of hours (for extremely difficult timetables).

Author: Liviu Lalescu
Site: http://lalescu.ro/liviu/fet/news.html
Architecture: 32/64 bit
License: GPL v3
Language: English

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