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Kolibri  makes high-quality education available in low-resource communities such as rural schools, refugee camps, orphanages, and non-formal school systems.

Project page: https://learningequality.org/kolibri/

Installing and starting kolibri pkg

Server access via mobile:

Videos made by our teammate Abibula Aygun


Useful advice:

$ netstat -plunt | grep 8080

$ kill -9 PID 8080

Note: The package built for AcademiX GNU/Linux requirements may cause trouble on other distributions!






3 Thoughts to “Kolibri install”

  1. Kolibri is the Russian word for hummingbirds. This operating system lives up to its name, being both amazingly small and extremely fast. It uses very few resources; applications open virtually instantly and the entire time I was using the system my memory usage never went above 10 MB. The user interface is an interesting combination, mixing characteristics from Linux, Windows and DOS. While the system is different enough that no newcomer is going to feel “at home”, it’s familiar enough that I was able to fumble through trying things and experimenting without confusion.

    1. admin

      The application exists in the AcademiX repository, is intended for education and has nothing in common with Kolibri OS. It is very easy to install from https://learningequality.org/download/
      or using pip. In AcademiX for convenience I chose the pip version.

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