KA Lite

KA Lite is an open-source platform for viewing and interacting with Khan Academy movies and exercises even when there is no available Internet.
Students can connect to a server in a classroom or other space, on a laptop, tablet, or desktop, or can be installed directly on the learner’s computer for portable access.
KA Lite has already been installed in over 194 countries and territories, reaching about 4.5 million students in various contexts, such as villages, orphanages, community centers, refugee camps, prisons and homes.

Project page: https://learningequality.org/ka-lite/

Videos made by Abibula Aygun

Installing and starting program

Server access via mobile:

Useful advice:

$ netstat -plunt | grep 8008

$ kill -9 PID 8008

Note: The package built for AcademiX GNU/Linux requirements may cause trouble on other distributions!






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